How to get over postpartum depression without medication

Welcome My name is Peter Strong and I'm a professional online therapist specializing in mindfulness therapy for anxiety and depression, including postpartum depression, as well

Over 1 in 7 new moms experience some form of depression after giving birth It's quite natural in many ways to experience some form of emotional upheaval and stress including anxiety and depression after such a significant life change for you So postpartum depression is a little bit more intense and is associated with a lot of very strong emotions and sometimes some quite a distressing thought patents as well The important thing is to take action and do something about this Certainly talk to your doctor about your feelings and about your condition and get any medical help that's necessary

But also think about ways of treating yourself with greater kindness and love because that is really important for healing this emotional storm that has become activated and this is what I can help you with By teaching you how to use mindfulness to overcome postpartum depression without medication Mindfulness teaches you how to change the relationship that you have to your emotions and to your thoughts It teaches you how to essentially learn how to care for your emotions, seeing them as being parts of yourself that are in pain and that need your attention and your love We do this by actually meditating on our emotions and those parts of ourselves that are in pain

We learn to treat our emotions the same way that we would treat our baby that is with attention, with consciousness, with care and with love and with compassion We need to do this internally and sometimes in the busyness of being a new mother we forget to do that We are so directed on the baby that we forget to take care of ourselves and that is not ideal because to be really present for your baby you must take care of your own emotions internally So, mindfulness therapy is one way of helping you do this Learning to take care of yourself inside so that you can be more present for your baby and for the family are large

So, if you'd like to learn more about how to overcome postpartum depression without medication then please go to my website, learn more about my approach, and please email me with any questions you might have and let's schedule a therapy session via Skype to help you manage your emotions and your thoughts more effectively Thank you


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