How to plan a healthy pregnancy (before falling pregnant) // Prenatal & Preconception Supplements

If you’re planning on having a baby, don’t wait until you’re pregnant to start looking out for your little one There’s something you can be doing right now to give your baby a great start in life

Hi, I’m Nikki Warren, fertility naturopath and if there was one thing I wish i knew before I had my first baby, this is it – and it’s something I should’ve started doing well before conception! Planning a healthy pregnancy starts well before conception when the egg and sperm are still developing and the quality of your eggs and sperm are greatly affected by the quality of the nutrients you ingest Nutrients are the building blocks of eggs, sperm and ultimately a baby Taking a prenatal multivitamin during the preconception period greatly affects pregnancy outcomes, for example one study found that it may decrease the risk of pre-eclampsia, especially in lean women Ideally, you would work together with your naturopath to assess your unique nutritional requirements For more tips and advice for your healthy conception, pregnancy and baby, subscribe to my channel or visit naturobest



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