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– Hey guys, it's me A lot of people ask me about doing more prenatal yoga classes, or what they need to modify when they are pregnant and practicing, so I thought I would go through that here because I have a few prenatal classes, as you probably have seen if you are looking for them

But I don't have tons However, you can practice most of the classes that are up, as long as you have been practicing for a while with me If you're new, you can still practice our beginner's classes, and you'll just make these modifications So first of all, we breathe in yoga in our practice, in and out through the nose It's called ujjayi pranayama

When you breathe in and out through your nose, this way there's a little constriction in the back of the throat That breath helps to warm the body from the inside So our bodies are warmer when we are pregnant, so there is no reason really to get them any warmer In fact, especially during the first trimester, you don't want to get overheated So, if you do feel yourself practicing, getting overheated, instead of breathing through your nose, just start to breathe through your mouth, and take a break, and cool down

I have some little notes here to make sure I don't forget anything We want to avoid compressive twisting So compressive twisting is where we would twist in a posture that's gonna compress the belly, so for example, we're in crescent pose, high lunge So imagine that the right leg is in front, and that knee is bent over the ankle And then we bring our left arm across and do that prayer twist that we do

We wouldn't want to do that during pregnancy, but what you can do instead is same setup, right leg in front, but instead of taking of taking the left arm across, bring the right arm across instead, twist the other direction, and then your belly is not compressed, and then you're fine So you can still do it, just twist the other direction Inversions are okay, unless you haven't been practicing them regularly Also, check with your doctor because I have heard some doctors say that they don't think it's a good idea to do inversions while pregnant If you are going to practice them, make sure to use a wall because your center of gravity is off, and you just want to make sure that you don't tip over

When you're practicing vinyasas, no need to jump back to chaturanga, and no need to jump forward Let's just step, we'll take it easy We've got a, you know, you got a traveler with you You want to make sure that you take it easy a little bit In your body during pregnancy, there's a hormone secreted, and it's called relaxin

Just kinda, it's like, oh, it's gonna relax us, sort of It prepares the body for birth, and it helps the connective tissue to become more flexible, which is great for when you're having a baby, but when you're practicing yoga, it's something to be mindful of because it's real easy to overstretch your body, and you don't want to do that You can overstretch a muscle, or a ligament, connective tissue, and it'll injure you, so rule of thumb, just go as deeply into the posture as you normally would before you became pregnant You'll just be like, oh my gosh, I could do all the splits, and I've never done it before, don't do that because that can cause an injury Also, keep your muscles engaged as you stretch

During shavasana, my favorite pose, lie on your left side So instead of laying flat on your back, it'll become uncomfortable to lie flat on your back anyway, but it's best to lie on your left side as you put like a pillow under the head and one between the knees, or a bolster, whatever you have The left side is the side you want to lay on because it's the best circulation for a little baby So you won't want to lay on your back after a while You'll just be too uncomfortable, and there is a large vein called the vena cava, and it can get compressed with a lot of pressure on it

So I remember being so scared when I was pregnant because I was so afraid I was gonna roll onto my back during my sleep and like crush the baby, and oh my gosh, so, it wouldn't crush the baby, but it would cut off the circulation, but it doesn't happen My doctor told me that if you lie on your back, and the vena cava starts to get compressed, you're gonna wake up before anything happens However, we still don't want to lay on our backs because it's just not going to be comfortable Deep back bends, last thing, deep back bends are not good during pregnancy, so you may do some upward facing dogs as long as you don't feel any pulling, any pressure, especially near the pelvis, up through the navel Wheel pose, probably not so good

The way that the back is positioned during pregnancy, it's called lordosis, so the lower back curves, so like let's pretend this is my low back and it's curving, and then this is where the baby belly would come out So this is gonna go more and more and more as the baby belly goes more and more and more So we want to avoid really deep back bends because that lower back is taking a lot of pressure Instead, you can always do cat and cow You can do like the cow part where you drop the belly gently instead of upward dog

You could take camel pose, ustrasana, on the knees, but instead of reaching back and touching the feet, put a block on either side of your feet, and just reach back for the blocks or you can just keep your hands at your lower back, and as you reach back, you just reach back little bit, and that way you'll get a back bend, but it won't be too deep And I think that's it If you have questions, comment, and I'm gonna list this stuff below too because I think that would be a good idea You can always email me too, my email's below And congratulations, congratulations if it's your first, if it's your 10th, yikes

(laughs) We have two boys, I can't imagine having a whole lot more than that, but I am happy for you, and it is a wonderful, wonderful job being a mom It's my best job, it's my most important job, and I love my boys Can't believe they're already nine and 11, they're getting, growing so fast Everyone always says that they grow up so fast, but it's true, they do All right, I hope this was helpful, and again, ask me questions, leave me comments, like the video if you liked it, and don't forget to subscribe

Go to fightmasteryogacom and join our mailing list too, and you can stay up to date with all kinds of things that are going on, and love you, muah, bye


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