How To Recover From Postnatal Depression And Feel Good Again

How to recover from postnatal depression and feel good again In this short video, learn this one thing you can do now to go from feeling sad and worthless to hopeful and motivated

Have you been feeling ongoing; -sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness -worthlessness or guilt -loss of interest or pleasure in activities -loss of energy These are some of the symptoms of postnatal depression This is also called Postpartum depression as 50% of postpartum depressive episodes actually begin prior to delivery If you are experiencing these symptoms, you are not alone Approximately 15% of new mums and mums to be and 10% of new dads suffer from Postnatal Depression On top of this, having a new born may be making you sleep deprived

If you don t take action now you will continue to feel depressed and have low energy levels These symptoms may last several months or even a year You can adversely effect your child s development because of challenges with bonding and inconsistent childcare Your child is more likely to have emotional problems, behavioral problems and hyperactivity The one thing you can do right now is to eat and drink well

Proper nutrition will give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive You will feel more energetic and positive The Alka Paleo diet consists of vegetables, meats, fish, nuts, seeds and healthy fats that are high in nutrients These foods are also low in sugar and unhealthy fats The Alka Paleo diet includes pure, alkaline water

Alkaline water filters remove the heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and chlorine from your tap water You get antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties from the added calcium, magnesium and potassium Drink alkaline water and you will feel energized and renewed Take these other important steps to to recover from Postnatal depression 1/ Seek treatment from a qualified medical professional

They will provide coping strategies and may suggest peer support or a support group 2/ Learn about the possible causes and risk factors of Postnatal Depression 3/ Create a habit of doing moderate exercising several times per week When you eat and drink well and take these 3 steps you will; -feel hopeful, confident and motivated -feel energetic and strong -feel great about yourself and your baby Click the link to recover from postnatal depression and feel good again For now it s bye from me


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