Husband plays games at postnatal care center! [Hello Counselor / 2017.07.17]

She talked about when our daughter was sick I was never sick as a child

I was never sick So I don't understand it You don't understand that a baby is sick? I can't understand that a baby is sick A baby is sick when she's sick What do you mean? Why is she sick? I don't understand

That's nonsense What about when your wife was sick? She's always very healthy – But she was ill / – He thought she was faking it – I thought she would recover quickly

/ – See? You must've been so heartbroken by him He doesn't care about his beautiful daughter there Since I'm a woman, I just can't forget what I went through during pregnancy and childbirth I was in so much pain when I was giving birth I was in tears, but he was sitting next to me playing games

He didn't even mute it I could hear the game beep as he played He was playing games while I was in pain While I was away taking a class on childrearing, he downloaded a game and was playing it I suffered from mastitis severely after giving birth

– That's really painful / – You know My wife suffered from it severely, too I asked him to get some towels from home so that I could steam myself with hot towels He told me it was too late to go home

So I had to use his old socks instead of towels – Sir / – Yes? If you didn't want to go home, couldn't you have gotten towels from elsewhere? This is a misunderstanding It was heavy snow then I nearly got in an accident driving downhill

I told her I couldn't go anywhere because of that You could've borrowed towels from other mothers I was thoughtless You could've talked to a nurse, too You were thoughtless or loveless? I was thoughtless

Let me be clear about this My wife is my first priority I always tell my daughter that I was very young I didn't know what mastitis was

Men don't breastfeed I didn't know what it was I didn't either But my wife was in so much pain Don't you want to alleviate that pain somehow? I didn't know what that was at the time

He keeps saying that he didn't know What do you mean you don't know? She's in pain It doesn't make sense Let me ask you this You must've known about the pain of giving birth

You played games even when she gave birth I was holding her hands the whole time But I got bored so I played a little He said he got bored You must've heard her being in pain

So I told her to hang in there What a jerk (Soulless) But you heard him say it He said, "My wife is my first priority" How do you feel when you hear that? It's rubbish

It's rubbish? It doesn't sound romantic? We're married I'm a woman I asked him to stop at least when he's in bed Am I not a woman to him? He was all over me when we were dating What do you mean by that? When I tell him that I can't sleep because of the light he pulls the blanket over his head and plays it

As a couple, you must have things to discuss If I talk to him about our child's education, he says, "You do whatever you want" I ask him what he wants to eat, he says, "Whatever" We'll end up doing what she wants to do anyway We talked about his values on children's education

I asked if he isn't worried that our girl plays games He says, "All kids play with their phones these days It's a dangerous world without smartphones" It's serious because our daughter plays games, too On a smartphone? When they are home by themselves, she always plays games on a smartphone

When I get home, instead of greeting me, she says, "Mom, phone!" Whenever we go out to eat, "Mom, phone!" She's always playing with a smartphone That's a serious problem People say that children reflect their parents Children learn from their parents' behaviors Let's talk to their daughter

– Hello / – Hi Hello – You're so beautiful / – How old are you? I'm 7-year-old Lee Seoyeong

(Nice to meet you) Does your dad play games often? Yes What do you think about that? – Do you want to join him? / – Yes Do you like that he plays games or not? I don't like it You don't? Why not? I want to go out and play, but I can't because he's busy playing games You'd rather go out than play games? Yes

What would you like to tell your dad? Tell him what you want him to do Look at him and tell him I want you to play games less and smoke less You want him to play games less and smoke less Alright

You must smoke a lot, too He smokes, too? I don't smoke that much (Watch out!) How do you feel after what your daughter said? She told you what she wants to do with you She has told me this a few times before She told me not to smoke and not to play games

She asked me to spend more time with her I always told her that I would do so It wouldn't take too long to spend time with her You can't spend that time with her? I feel uneasy if I don't play games Do you think it's right that she does what you do? When I get home these days, I see her playing games like I do

I thought that was wrong I've been thinking that these days I want to change my behavior, but it isn't easy I think he's seriously addicted to playing games When do you feel he's too addicted? He once lost his phone

It was late at night He kept looking for it in the same place He even got suspicious of people stealing it He thought someone stole it? He said, "I think he stole it, but I don't have proof" When he's driving, the game is turned on

He checks whenever he stops at a red light That's dangerous He bought a birthday cake for me once He couldn't spend that brief time with me "Happy birthday to you

" Like this (Chills) I think he bought the cake since my friend was over – That's terrible / – That's too harsh He never pays attention to us

It's dangerous to play games while driving Taekyun, please tell us Tell us about game addicts Anyone can tell he is quite addicted to games If this continues, you may show anxiety or signs of depression

You may lose your self-esteem and end up playing more games In particular, a child may lose self-control which is the largest function of the brain and may not grow up to be a stable child A child may not be able to communicate with friends and lose learning abilities Playing games could bring terrible consequences We asked you earlier

Your daughter was sick You said, "I was never sick as a child" "I don't suffer from mastitis" If you can't understand the pain of your loved ones, it would be worse when it comes to others Also, if you play games while you're driving, not only would you hurt yourself, but you could hurt someone else who works hard and their families

Have you ever thought that because of that brief moment, you could hurt your wife and daughter who are most important to you? I never did, but I will start to do so now You may not realize it, but he is very angry right now He's very angry Why don't you make a promise? A promise It's hard to do so when you are by yourselves

I think that's why your wife wrote to us Be a man and make a promise Tell us how many hours a day you will play games It'd be a lie if I said I would play less right away You should

I will only play games 1 to 2 hours after work and spend more time with my family on my off-days You will only play games 2 hours a day? Do you think he can keep his promise? To be honest, I don't think he can He made a promise before and deleted the games But his account was still there so everything was saved up I want him to spend more time with us

I wish he would ask how our day was and spend more time with the family He doesn't have time to look at his family I will do my best to do so That's not enough I will do it

Let's start with the ASTRO members Is it a concern or not? You're very angry, right? It takes a lot of time and effort to play a single game If he uses that time and effort on his family, they could become the happiest family I think it's a concern, too He said there are people who are more addicted than he is

But if he continues to do this, he may become worse than those serious addicts You said you didn't know before Now that you know, you shouldn't do it anymore – He is very angry / – This is a serious concern

Just quit You got that? Just quit from this moment Instead of raising a game character, raise your child Please press the button if you think it's a concern (What does the audience think?) Are you addicted to pressing buttons? Please look into her eyes

You don't have a game console with you – It's been a while, right? / – Yes Please look into her eyes and talk to her I got to know what I did wrong I didn't know it was that serious

I may not be able to quit playing games immediately, but I will do my best to do so Let's become a happy family I love you Bongseon Seoyeong

How many votes did they get? Let's take a look I'm sure they won "My husband is addicted" The number is spinning with power 63

53 ("My husband is addicted!" 153 votes) (They got 153 votes)


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