Important Prenatal Care Tips that Every Mother-to-Be Should Know

If your pled pregnant or your home pregnancy test gave you a happy plus sign The first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with your doctor Proper prenatal care before birth is important for your hunt for your health as well as your babies Ideally prenatal care should start at least three months before you begin trying to conceive Once you are pregnant, it becomes even more important Prenatal care involves treatment and training to ensure a healthy pregnancy and labor and delivery of a healthy, baby It helps reduce the risks of complications during pregnancy Regular prenatal visits allow your doctor to identify any problems or complications Before they become serious, in fact lack of prenatal care increases the chance of your baby having a low birth weight Which also increases the risk of infant death here are some important prenatal care tips that every mother-to-be should know one visit your doctor regularly When you are pregnant do not make the mistake of missing any appointments There will be several appointments with your doctor before your due date usually you may have to visit your doctor every month during the first six months of pregnancy every Two weeks in the seventh and eighth months and every week during your ninth month to take your supplements During the prenatal stage your doctor may prescribe certain supplements These supplements are essential and you should take them as directed by your doctor during pregnancy Your body needs a lot of nutrients that you the diet cannot meet, hence Supplements are recommended usually iron or folic acid supplements as well as prenatal vitamins are prescribed 3e to healthy diet the food you eat during pregnancy can affect your child's health even decades later The focus of your diet plan should be to ensure that the life growing within you is healthy and fine it should fulfill all your requirements as well as the nutritional requirements of the fetus a Healthy diet supports normal birth weight improves fetal brain development and reduces the risk of many birth defects Four keep a pack of crackers by your bed crackers can be a boon for mothers to be suffering from morning sickness They help soothe an unsettled stomach and relieve the feeling of queasiness being high in starch crackers help absorb excess gastric acid that contributes to feeling of nausea and vomiting in addition They are easy on the stomach because they are bland and easy to digest 5 quit smoking as soon as you plan to become pregnant or find out that you are pregnant It is time to quit smoking Even if you are not a smoker stay away from secondhand smoke when you smoke you inhale poisons Like nicotine lead as and carbon monoxide These poisons get into the placenta and ultimately cause harm to your unborn, baby If you liked the video tell us in the comment and share with your friends and for more recipes and tips subscribe to the channel


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