Interview with Katy Stahl of Shanti Mom Prenatal Yoga

Hey there, this is Jodie with Supreme Peace Yoga and Wellness and I'm here with Katy Stahl today of Shanti Mom Pregnancy Yoga Katy, You have an upcoming teacher training for us here at Supreme Peace and in the Louisville community and as far as I know we don't have any other Pregnancy teacher trainings; nor have we had any Pregnancy teacher trainings in Louisville which is really exciting! Could you tell us a little bit about how your Teacher Training is structured? Sure, Thank you for hosting me

I'm excited to get things going here in Louisville area, so that we can service the Pregnant community The training is set up into 3 sections It is a Yoga Alliance Registered Training If you're yoga teacher who is excited and passionate about teaching yoga or teaching pregnancy yoga then consider signing up for all 3 If you're on the fence, and you just wanting some ideas or not real sure- then maybe just sign up for level In level 1, you will get a structured sequence that we work with

We'll work with pranayama that's safe for pregnancy We work with techniques that are important to incorporate in every class The level 1 is also good for people who may not be a yoga teacher yet, but has a strong yoga practice and works with the pregnant community Whether they're a Doula, an OB Nurse, Midwife, or somebody who is just passionate about working with that community The level 2 takes everything, literally to the next level

We break away from that set sequence and we work on how to make all poses accessible for the pregnant body because they're not all safe It also works with theming, music We work with a lot of Pranayama in that particular one We get a lot more creative That sounds fun! It's very fun! Then in level 3, we go into how to create a Pregnancy workshop

The level 3 is truly for those people that are Yoga Alliance certified and want to go and get their RPYT "Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification” In that one, we learn how to do workshops We learn how to do a Prenatal partner workshop We do a Postnatal Mommy and Me style class training that you learn how to teach because that's the follow up to a Pregnancy class We also work with classroom situations-things that may come up Awesome! I love how you have the training structured into nice, little, weekend modules that are really affordable and people can take them as they go

I love that you include Doulas and other people who are working with pregnant moms We already have a quite a few people that are signed up in that in role, which is just really exciting That came as a request I kept getting asked the question, Can you make this open to us, so that’s why I broke it down It used to be structured differently that is why we broke it down to that

Also, I want to point out if your somebody who is on the fence, regardless you get 17 contact hrs per weekend for those of you who need your Yoga Alliance CEU requirements met Excellent! Katy, is there anything else that you want to add about the training? Yeah, one of my favorite comments that I got from people about the training is their take away from the training that they applied to their regular classes Even though we are focused on prenatal or pregnancy and the pregnant body, the take away application to other communities, other body types, other mindsets is great So you'll walk away hopefully with some great ideas I know when our teacher trainees, our level 200 hour teacher trainees had Katy for a day, they really love their time with you and they loved what they were able to get out of that particular day

If you have questions about the Teacher training, please drop them in the comments below I will tag myself and Katy and on this video, and you can feel free to tag usWe'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have We look forward to seeing you on October 27th Thanks so much, Bye


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