Is My Body Ready for Another Pregnancy?

Is my body ready for another pregnancy? Are you back to something close to your pre-baby body weight? I'm not trying to lose 50 pounds Can you imagine another baby without screaming in horror of going into labor again? I can't wait

Then the answer is yes, you are ready mentally Did you develop any conditions like high blood pressure while pregnant? No, not really If you developed diabetes, for example, you'd need to get that under control before you could think of getting pregnant again The same is true for anything from bipolar disorder to thyroid problems I know people who think I'm crazy for wanting another kid so soon, but no diagnosable conditions

Robert Heinlein wrote that a mother's delusions of her child's beauty, intelligence and etcetera served a useful condition, to keep the mother in delusion so the species can keep going Then you think this is natural Absolutely Now, can you afford another kid? Probably You and he might want to get checked for any STDs, if there's any chance of one, because it can wreak havoc on a baby's body before it is even born

You should be STD free before pregnancy to prevent nasty birth defects I saw a Reddit thread on why ugly laws were passed, with pictures of a girl born without eyes because the mother had an STD But we have antibiotics today The pathogens can do their damage before it is wiped out If in doubt, go to the doctor

I heard one girl say you should go to the doctor before you try to get pregnant, but that seems over-kill If you want to have another baby, get on prenatal vitamins now How does that help? Neural tube defects occur in the first weeks of pregnancy, often before you know you are pregnant Taking prenatal vitamins with B vitamins reduces that risk by 30% I was told that's why they put B vitamins in all the bread now, along with iron

Prenatal vitamins will also reduce the fatigue and anemia pregnancy can bring That's reason enough to take it If only it cured morning sickness, too


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