Is too Much of a Good Thing a Bad Thing?

Hi, I'm Rosina Switras and I'm here in front of a pharmacy, where anyone can get vitamins and medicine to improve their health For pregnant women, there's important information regarding an unborn child's health

If a woman becomes pregnant, and decides to use a pregnancy test that you can find at any pharmacy, it is recommended that she visit a doctor for further testing Those who have experienced pregnancy before are aware that doctors encourage expecting mothers to take prenatal multivitamins to make sure the baby is healthy Why is taking a multivitamin important? One of the nutrients in these multivitamins is called "folate" or "folic acid" Doctors strongly recommend that women make sure they get enough folate Not having enough folate can cause problems with the development of the baby's brain and spine

If a pregnant woman does not take enough folate, it can lead to the baby's spine not closing properly, or can lead to the baby being born with an underdeveloped brain and skull Folate is important very early in a baby's development However, if taking a daily multivitamin when pregnant is good, would increasing the dosage be even better for the baby? A research study released May 11th announced that more is not always better The study found that when mothers took too much folate, their children had more than double the normal risk of developing autism spectrum disorders, or ASD When mothers take too much vitamin B12, their children had triple the normal risk of developing ASD

If mothers take too much of both folate and vitamin B 12, their child's risk for developing ASD was 176 times higher than normal If mothers took a prenatal multivitamin only 3 to 5 times each week, their child's risk for ASD was reduced by 57 to 67% Taking too little and taking too much can both cause harm Be sure to follow your doctor's recommendation

If you are unsure, don't hesitate to ask questions I'm Rosina Switras, thank you!


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