It Takes a Village

It’s funny to see how peoples’ roles change when kids come into the picture.  While my husband’s worries and priorities changed, his day-to-day life didn’t change that much.  He still worked the same hours, everyday.  He’s an amazing husband and father.  He changes diapers, he does nighttime bottles, and when my kids were newborns, he fed the first bottle in the morning before he went to work…which was heaven.  The difference of getting up at 5am and 7am is literally night and day.  Anyways, it’s been a blessing living in the same town as both my parents and my husband’s family. I always tell my mom how grateful I am for her company and help.  She remembers how exhausting this phase of life is and wished her mom didn’t live across the country when she had four kids in four years, and a husband who didn’t do any of the duties I listed above.  While my dad is an AMAZING father, he wasn’t one to change diapers…EVER. I’m proud to say his first diaper change was my son’s.  You should have seen my mom’s face when she walked in on that scene.  Complete disbelief; shocked.  Like I said, it’s funny to see how people change when kids come into the picture, especially grandkids.  I like to think it’s because he still sees me as his little girl that he needs to take care of and help, but I know it’s because my dad will do anything for Jack.

The picture is from the first time my Dad held Jack at the hospital.  From that moment, Jack stole his heart and can get my Dad to do anything.


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