Jaclyn Stapp’s Blog: The Power of Prenatal Yoga in My Third Pregnancy

Jaclyn Stapp’s Blog: The Power of Prenatal Yoga in My Third Pregnancy I have to shake my head and laugh because more than ever, my body is becoming a blimp with this pregnancy! This boy is sure to be 8 or 9 lbs Look out NFL scouts and American Ninja Warrior, because I’ve got a rough, tough cream puff on the way

Somewhere between remembering to take my prenatal vitamins and prepping a nursery, I started to feel like I was losing my sanity a bit Every pregnancy is unique, and every mother’s preparation to bring her child into the world is unique The body will naturally accommodate the life within us, and the more fit we can be, the easier the journey — and ultimately, a better outcome for baby and you Whether you’re a first-time mom or a mom again, being fit — now more than ever — is about health, not counting calories or packing on pounds Yoga is an important part of my life

It keeps me focused spiritually through the stressful times life brings It can be done anywhere — all you need is a mat (if you have one) or a towel Yoga helps me stay in tune with my body, move in the ways that it needs to and reminds me to appreciate that I’m growing a beautiful new life inside me For me, being healthy is a lifestyle, and I try to get my fitness on between being on the road with my husband, modeling, charity work and a dozen other things along with being a mom All of this has taught me to make my own opportunities to exercise wherever I am

The stretching and strengthening in prenatal yoga helps my body adjust to and compensate for the kicks, pushes, pulls and pressure (especially on the back and the bladder) that are constant The basics of prenatal yoga that teach breathing, meditation, calmness and core strengthening really helped me through my previous two natural-birth pregnancies It not only alleviates my awful back pain, but strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles that play a crucial part in a healthy delivery My incredible prenatal yoga instructor, Janice Miller, has taught me to listen to my body Healthy moms have healthy babies, and keeping fit in mind, body and spirit makes any fears in delivery so much easier to face because you learn just how amazing your body is

We can do this! Celebrate with a little dance, and throw in a little twerk — it’s more great exercise!


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