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My husband has always joked that his loving, patient, “put-together” wife has an 8pm curfew. The joke started when I was pregnant with our first baby. A few months into my pregnancy, he came to realize that I was “on” until 8:00pm then, I flipped like a switch. I’m not like this all of the time, but when I’m pregnant, it’s as though I have dual personalities.* I don’t want to be bothered WITH ANYTHING. It’s become a long-running joke with my entire family; “You need to talk to Emily? Better call her by 8!” My sister even described a person she met recently to me saying, “You know how you get at 8pm? She’s an ‘8 o’clock’ all day long.” Any mom or expectant mom knows the level of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion that goes into working, taking care of a family and house, and trying to have some level of sanity while doing it all. 8pm seems to be my deadline each day. I’m just too exhausted to do anything else other than exactly what I want to be doing for the first time that day – usually internet “researching” (AKA Pinterest), catching up on my DVR, or reading trashy magazines. I think it’s important to relax and unwind before bed and that’s my idea of relaxing. My kids typically go to bed between 5-6pm, and even after that I’m usually working, cleaning, or cooking for the next couple of hours. Then it hits me. I’m entirely spent and need to immediately stop what I’m doing before I turn into a Looney Tune. I have no other way to explain it but that. I just start to go a little crazy if one more person asks something of me. Then, the other night while I was “researching” I came across this ecard. I instantly sent it to my sister and husband. My sister responded, “Did you start some sort of club with other moms?!” I’m so relieved to see other moms get like this, too. At the end of the day, we all deserve some alone time without anyone asking us for something, so feel free to join the club with me.

*Probably a huge exaggeration. I definitely don’t have dual personalities. Admittedly, I am hormonal and I will continue to blame things on my hormones for the rest of my life.


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