Kate Middleton, Prince William Parenting Skills Blasteb Prince George ‘Too Spoiled’

Kate Middleton Prince William parenting skills blasted Prince George – spoiled Kate Middleton and Prince William as parenting skills are under fire once again First it was for the Prince George ice cream photo dog and now for apparently spoiling their kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte to no end Prince William himself admitted that his children Prince George and Princess Charlotte are definitely not your average Children of course it s because they are part of the British royal family, but according to Prince William himself They are also far too spoiled According to the Daily Mail the future King of England made the revelation while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visited Sir Ben Ainslie as America's Cup headquarters in Portsmouth ham cheer this past weekend when asked What kind of gifts Prince George received for his third birthday Prince William responded with I am not telling he got too many things Yes far too spoiled Yes, not into boats yet Of course it has normal for any three-year-old to get spoiled by his mother and father along with all of his immediate family members But considering how privileged Prince William and Kate Middleton are there s? No doubt that Prince George's birthday was in a fair to remember after all this is the same tot? Who'd not only received a customized a rocking horse from President Barack Obama, but he also greeted the American President and First Lady? Michelle Obama in the customized bathrobe during the Obamas London visit earlier this month Prince George's sister Princess Charlotte has also gotten her fair share of gifts and toys as dozens of fashion designers send their outfits to the young Tata in hopes that she will not only wear the clothes But help advertise them in public – but for Prince William to call his son Prince George spoiled in public is not the best move Considering how much criticism the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have received for their lavish lifestyles Prince William and Kate Middleton are better known these days for their luxurious vacations Expensive wardrobe and personal helicopter rides and the effort they put in for their charity work


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