Kegels Exercises- The Best Pregnancy Yoga Pose to Prepare for Labor and Delivery

(HOST How to Mom TV: EMILY FRANCES) Hello Everyone, this is EMILY FRANCES, Welcome to How to Mom TV (wwwhowtomomtv

com) If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably heard of Kegels You may be thinking “what a weird word” What are they? What do they do? Well if you talk to prenatal yoga teachers, doing Kegels during your pregnancy can be a life saver not only during labor and delivery but also while you recover after you have the baby Deb Flashenberg is the founder of New York City’s Prenatal Yoga Center She’s a pre natal and post natal yoga teacher and child birth educator

She sets the record straight on why these vaginal, pelvic floor exercises are so beneficial (DEB FLASHENBERG-PRENATAL YOGA CENTER) “You wanna work both sphincter muscles If you want to stop stop from peeing, you engage the vaginal sphincter To stop from passing gas, you use the anal sphincter The vaginal and anal sphincter are both toning up

The way kegels help in delivery is because as the baby’s head is descending through the pelvis it actually rotates It’s called internal rotation and if it has a springy pelvic floor to meet, it’s gonna help the rotation of the babies head to help it birth easier (HOST How to Mom TV: EMILY FRANCES) Kegels are also good postpardum as it takes a while for your pelvic floor to strenghten after giving birth In fact, don’t be surprised or ashamed ladies if you pee in your pants from sneezing or blowing your nose It’s totally normal

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