Massage Therapy : What Is a Pregnancy Massage?

Hi, I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae And if you're ever wondering what a pregnancy massage is, I can tell you

Now, a pregnancy massage has another name, of course It's called pre-natal massage, and this is a massage focused specifically for expectant mothers Now, it's important to note that during the first three months of pregnancy, you do not get a massage if you're pregnant because that little one is still kind of trying to get a good hold in your system and you don't want to mess anything up So from the months three on up until about eight months are the perfect times to get a massage Now, massage therapy is wonderful for expectant mothers because it does many things, not only for their body, but for their mind and for their spirits and emotions

Now, for the physical body, massage is wonderful for that lower back pain all pregnant women have They've got a big load up front, and something's got to support it Well, that lower back is going to suffer a little bit, and it's often or it is always a fact that it's the only time a pregnant woman can lay on her stomach As you see here, this pregnancy pad has all the special places, especially for the pregnant mother, to lay into It's got holes for the breasts, it's got holes for the belly to fit right into to be perfectly supported and safe

It's got a bolster to support the knees and the shins and the lower back, and it's exactly what the pregnant mother needs to lay into to provide support to her entire body Now, pregnancy massage is wonderful for also relieving swelling in the legs and arms So it's wonderful for the lower back and it's wonderful for swelling, and it's wonderful for just the overall aches and pains Pregnant mothers are going through a lot of changes They're very tired and they may be a little achy

Well, this is wonderful for them And also, for the emotions as well — touch is a very calming and soothing thing in itself, and it's very wonderful to get that extra warmth and love and support So pre-natal massage or pregnancy massage is a massage specifically focused to expectant mothers between thebetween the months of three and eight I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae Have a wonderful day


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