Meet Alson Burke, M.D., Gynecology & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

ALSON BURKE: I trained here as a medical student So I got to see firsthand what an impact [? UW ?] medicine has on the community– not just in the greater Puget Sound region, but also in the WAMI region– the five-state– Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho

I got to travel to all those states as a student And I'm just passionate about the mission of [? UW ?] medicine I chose to become an obstetrician-gynecologist to work within women's health I also love the surgical component of our field And so it's a really wonderful mix of longitudinal care over a patient's lifetime, as well as the surgical care that we can provide for patients

I'm within a pathway called Clinician Educator So my time is split between clinic, which is what we traditionally think of as a physician, and also educating– developing curriculum, giving lectures, both locally at University of Washington within our community, and also nationally I think it's probably equally gratifying– my patients and my learners I think they are the reason I get out of bed because I know every day is going to be different There going to be new challenges, new accomplishments, new things to celebrate

Getting to work with a learner– and I say that broadly, whether it's a medical student, a nursing student, physician-assistant student, and also, the resident physicians– when they have those aha moments, I loved those celebrations with my learners


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