Meet Catherine Albright, M.D., Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

CATHERINE ALBRIGHT: Oftentimes I'll see women who, kind of throughout their life, because they were born with a congenital heart disease, or some sort of congenital issue, and they have been told their entire life that they shouldn't get pregnant, can't have a family, really it's not a great idea But then with advances in medical care and with how well women are doing now, much of the time I can actually help these women have a family on their own

And that's, I think, really much of what I do is telling them all the bad things that can happen But it's kind of fun sometimes to actually tell women that in fact, even though your whole life people have told you that this is not something that's going to be available to you, we can work really hard and make that happen, which I think is really nice My passions really are really, really high risk moms So moms with very significant personal medical complications And it's one of the one of the highest risk labor floors in the country


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