Meet Constance Mao, M.D., Gynecology and Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

CONSTANCE MAO: Well, I originally started medical school wanting to be a family physician, and– but I found that I loved obstetrics, and surgery And obstetrics and gynecology allowed me to kind of combine those interests and take care of people throughout their lifetime, and doing surgery and deliveries as needed

There are a lot of good patient stories to tell I would say one that comes to mind quickly is a woman that I– was a working mom who had a lot of problems with bleeding and pain Took care of her for many months until we finally did a hysterectomy And it was really when she came back to clinic with flowers and just the most amazing smile on her face, telling us how she was able to go back to work, and what a difference we've made in her life, and just a good reminder of the good work that we do every day Practice evolves constantly

I do research related to HPV diseases in women So I'm obviously at the forefront of those changes But I think as a teacher at the University of Washington of medical students and residents that keeps me on my toes As most teachers know, our– our students offer us as much knowledge as we offer to them So their constant questioning keeps us abreast of all the changes in medicine that are coming every day


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