Meet Edith Cheng, M.D., Medical Genetics & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

EDITH CHENG: I love being in the operating room But I also love the intricacies of internal medicine and diseases

And I think that taking care of really sick moms who are pregnant– and I also take care of sick babies– combines the two It is really rewarding, because you're really making a difference in the life of a family I connect with my patients or try to connect my patients by understanding where they come from You walk into any kind of relationship, any kind of meeting, with an open mind You listen to understand first

And that is the only way that you're going to have any sort of decision-making together and connection together What gets me up every morning and brings me to work is that I know that every day is different And that's really fun I know that every day I'm going to be challenged I know that every day I will be challenged and I will have something positive that I will have done

So I'm never bored


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