Meet Jane Hitti, M.D., Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

JANE HITTI: I really fell in love with obstetric care And at the same time, I really like the medical subspecialties

I like the idea of working with medically complex patients and trying to give them the best outcome possible I was in Uganda And I was incredibly struck by the spirit of the people there And I felt like they were working so well with really very little This was just at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic

And I saw this incredible spirit there, and I really felt like I just wanted to be part of it, so helping to improve health kind of both locally and globally I think this is an incredibly unique place to work because you never know who's going to be in the next room, what their story is, how we might be able to be a small part of helping that go better And then there's the other really exciting dimension of helping train the next generation of physicians and watching them grow and mature in their own capacity to care


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