Meet Katherine Debiec, M.D., Gynecology & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

KATHERINE DEBIEC: There are so many aspects of OBGYN I love In particular, I love being able to be a part of girls' and womens' lives at really critical times

I think that in working with teens and young adolescents is so compelling to me because there is a lot of passion in teenagers And sometimes that passion has a very positive twist And sometimes it's a little bit negative But as a group, they are so engaging I think they're also really vulnerable

And I really take a lot of pride in and honor in the fact that people entrust themselves with me during these vulnerable times So I think those two aspects of teenagers are the most engaging to me– that they're both very passionate about what it is they're doing in their relationships, and their families, and their dreams, and then also that they're vulnerable– and helping to keep them safe in those spaces


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