Meet Kristina Adams Waldorf, M.D., Gynecology & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

KRISTINA ADAMS WALDORF: I really love delivering babies For me, there's just no greater miracle

It's just such a beautiful, beautiful thing And I really love taking care of women during their pregnancy, both low-risk and moderate-risk pregnancies But gynecologic surgery is incredibly gratifying because women often come to me that have been suffering for years and years And within a few hours, we can completely fix the problem and give them, really, a whole new lease on life Connecting with my women patients for me has always been something that's very easy

I like talking to women I'd like to understand what their issues and problems are and trying to find solutions that make a lot of sense for them specifically Here in Seattle, I drive one of the largest pregnancy-infection programs in the world, studying both Group B streptococcus and Zika virus infections in the placenta and how they can complicate pregnancy and hurt the baby Our goal here is to try to come up with new therapies to prevent this injury so that we can really protect pregnancies and give women peace of mind during their pregnancy


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