Meet Peter Napolitano, M.D., Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

PETER NAPOLITANO: I can give care anywhere throughout the country, but when you give it here at the University of Washington, we are focused on education and innovation And so I'm constantly challenged with learners around me all the time, asking me questions, which means that I have to be up-to-date with the most current things

And then in addition to that, but to start thinking about how we can change here beyond the individual patient, but in the entire realm of patient care through the country Each and every patient is unique so what's special is that when you deliver a baby and you help a woman get through a pregnancy that's difficult, each patient leaves you with something that's well beyond any kind of payment It's a part of their life and it's something very special to them And it's a privilege and an honor to participate in that And there's very few other specialties that, I think, where you can get that

It's an exciting place to be They talk about innovation here, but each and every day, you learn about something that's new and innovative that no one's ever thought about before And just the idea of being able to put that into direct care, make it actually work with people– that's really, really cool


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