Meet Raj Shree, M.D., Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

RAJ SHREE: I work looking at some unique pregnancy phenomenons, specifically looking at exchange of material between the fetus and the mother during pregnancy and delivery And then also looking at how the maternal immune system adapts to pregnancy and how it changes

We know that there are cells that exchange between the mother and the fetus during pregnancy that starts very early on, continues throughout pregnancy, and also happens at the time of delivery And then trying to understand what obstetrical factors may influence that And then what later life health implications that may have for both the mother and their offspring There's something about biology and human experiences with medicine and health and development that were always super fascinating to me from the beginning We are super lucky to have a really unique breadth and depth of complexity here that is hard to find other places

And the resilience of the patients Our patients go through so much and it's really quite striking to see and to witness and a privilege to be a part of


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