Meet Sarah Prager, M.D., Gynecology & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

SARAH PRAGER: If women have their potential to meet their best health, it actually is beneficial not just to them, not just to their family, but to the whole community And there is research from around the world that shows that this is so

So by improving women's health care, we can empower women to make the best of themselves, but also to improve the status of their entire community It's very important to me to continue to work individually with patients and have a direct impact on one person's health care, and also to work with local, state, and national organizations that can influence policies that have a positive effect for women's health care in general I see patients on a weekly, if not daily basis who come in feeling like they don't have any options And by talking with women about the options that are available to them and helping them figure out how they can achieve their health goals, they can leave my office feeling like they have control of their life And that is really what is critical for me about this job


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