Meet Shani Delaney, M.D., Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

SHANI DELANEY: Love taking care of women and women's health care And I think there's a natural extension for many people interested in women's health is pregnancy and childbirth

But I also greatly loved internal medicine and medical complexities, and high-risk obstetrics combines both of those I think one of the things I appreciate the most is caring for patients longitudinally and even sometimes over several pregnancies So I have a couple of very memorable patients where I met them in a very challenging situation in a first pregnancy, but was able to take them through that difficult pregnancy and then got the opportunity to take care of them again and give them good outcomes again in the future It's fun because often they bring their kid from another pregnancy and they get a chance to do it all over again with them And sometimes the second pregnancy is high risk, and sometimes a second pregnancy just gets to be wonderful and normal, which I don't do very often

And I also enjoy seeing that I get holiday cards from patients every once in a while too, which is a fun one to see kids grow Patients, I enjoy working with them I enjoy getting them to as successful as a pregnancy as we can have and guiding them through the whole process That's fun

And it's fun to be there and actually meet their baby whenever that time comes


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