Meet Sue Moreni, M.D., Gynecology & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

SUE MORENI: I chose OB/GYN because I really love the continuity of care that we can have with women I think it's very unique to follow women throughout their life and to be a part of their life of– you know, providing contraception care to being a part of prenatal care, watching their family grow

And I think that's the privilege I think it's empowering to focus on women's health I think that women have a lot of choices, and when we can be a part of helping them make choices, guiding them through their reproductive life, prenatal care, and watching their family grow and being a part of their life even after that is very rewarding It's an honor when I take care of women who will then come back or will refer their sister or their best friend or their mother And I think it's really based on communication



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