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The following are real cases that have been documented and challenge medical science This is how it is, it is beyond the imaginable in the medical realm

The doctors told me there was no chance These are the stories of three real-life miracles and the guidance of Dr Joseph Michael Levry, spiritual leader recognized worldwide, dear teacher and founder of Naam Yoga I got pregnant probably two or three months since he gave me the meditations I, what I can tell you is: If you believe in miracles, this is a miracle, that's our story We feel full of blessings and with deep gratitude

We are the happiest people! " Naam and the Miracle Babies Copyright Rootlight, Inc All rights reserved The results were almost instantaneous, after seeing Dr Levry Daria's mother went to see Dr Levry when she was having difficulties getting pregnant

The results were immediate and extraordinary I followed all his instructions to the letter, the meditations he told me to do every day, I followed the diet he gave me and all his indications The results were immediate It was obvious that this time I was doing something different and that something had changed in my In my energy, in my aura and in my body, it was obvious that my family was ready to receive a beautiful being During the third quarter a serious complication developed As in all pregnancies one has different symptoms, sometimes small complications and sometimes some complications a little more serious It was a blessing that most of my pregnancy did not have any problems until I reached the third trimester Near the end of the pregnancy, it was when we found out that there was a problem, specifically related to the baby

When we went to see the Fertility Specialist for the first time I was 42 and my FSH (Follicle Stimulation Hormone) was 22 For whoever is living in the world of fertility specialists is a little higher than they like, I think the appropriate thing is 20 But he said he would work with us and I got pregnant the first time After conceiving through in vitro fertilization twice, the pregnancies unfortunately did not take place ] They asked me if I wanted to continue with the process and my fertility rates went up

And by the time we were in the cycle that if we got pregnant, my FSH was 34, and the people considered that we had no hope This is how it is, it is beyond the imaginable in the medical realm The doctors told me there was no chance That's what he said What happened at that point, we were thinking if we were going to do the in vitro again, Is this too much? And there was a change where the Naam, the teachings became our fertility plan

I got pregnant, by the grace of God, thanks to Naam Yoga and his meditations when I was 43 years old I gave birth to my beautiful boy Peter when he was 44 years old I am a lawyer, maybe being a lawyer added to the stress of my life and that could be a cause for infertility, well the doctor said that Before meeting Dr Levry and discovering Naam meditation, Christina tried for three years to conceive her first child through traditional medical care

] We look for specialists in artificial insemination, we did that process six times and I did not feel very comfortable The inseminations were not successful and We had to stop at six months, because I developed a cyst the size of a grapefruit, so we had to stop the hormones in what I absorbed the cyst And then when we stopped the hormones, I had other problems, my hair fell out, my beard came out We decided that we would not do it anymore We found out that there was a problem with the baby, so we had to go see the doctor every week to monitor the development of the baby, and at that time, there was nothing we could do

The complications did not improve and that's when I decided to go see Dr Levry again After seeing specialist doctors they were told that there was nothing that could be done Every time we went to the doctor it was horrible, they just told us: "Well, the baby has a small problem, which may get more complicated when it is born, well, it does survive" How did they expect us to feel when we left the office? The baby already in the third trimester, and what can one do when they say to you: "There is nothing to do, just wait"

They destroy your soul when they tell you that! We did not know what to do! I was devastated So in those moments we ran to see Dr Levry, and as always, he greeted us with a big smile and said: "Oh la la, do not worry, let's resolve this, for that we have Naam He immediately helped us gather our faith and our hope that everything would turn out well We had a couple of very intense conversations about this with Dr Levry

In retrospect, my questions for him, I think the main answer he gave me so many times was: Just do Naam Naam is the Word, the Stream of Sacred Sound When I had an appointment with Dr Levry, we started talking about having a baby I left the appointment with two meditations that he gave me to perform

It was to conceive the baby in an extraordinary way, because everything was blessed with Naam The whole process I did Naam, she did Naam, during the procedures when the embryos were there throughout the pregnancy we continued making the same mantras so that everything was safe It was a very special practice, they are very beautiful songs He gave me the recording Every morning and evening we meditated on our altar in the house, the mantras that Dr

Levry gave us Even if we were not together in the same city, we would connect by phone to sing the mantras together We realized that it was very important to meditate together to create a connection with the baby during pregnancy " All mantras were based on sound, on repeating sounds that have some vibration to prepare the environment and prepare me to receive this beautiful soul that arrived Naam meditation is a powerful application of the Word that goes towards the healing of one and the others It was what healed the baby, and what healed me, us and gave us the opportunity to have this beautiful family, we are super grateful Those were the first meditations that Dr

Levry gave me, It was maybe for the end of spring, early summer that my husband and I went on vacation We drive from Paris to Sicily and back And every day I did my meditations in the car and made him listen to the meditations and at first he said What is this song? and as we approached towards Sicily he began to sing a little

I think what is interesting about all this is that my husband is very resistant to meditation, to mantras, to yoga but the meditations and the music that he gave me is so irresistible, and although he did not want to get involved He could not help but start singing along with the music It is so powerful, that you absorb it even if you try not to

The more deeply you explore the mysteries of life, the more you will find that the whole secret is hidden in the words "-Dr Joseph Michael Levry We did a series of meditations and prayers, it's like magic! It just works! It's incredible, it's something that is priceless, there's no way to explain the gift that someone is giving you faith back in those moments that you are suffering and that the doctors tell you "there is nothing to do" When we came back from vacation and I did not have my period I thought it was because it was cold and we dived, I was in the water and flying After a while, I started to see myself and feel pretty good

So I finally got a pregnancy test and I was pregnant I think I got pregnant, probably after two or three months he gave me the meditations Definitely in the medical mind this falls into the realm of the impossible, and it is a miracle in any case, you know? Here you are dealing with the realm of miracles There is no documented case of someone who has had successful in vitro fertilization with FSH in the mid-30s It is not out there, it is not known or can be understood

Now that we are on this side of things with Rubi in our arms and knowing that Naam works One of the things that we can now see is that it was a gift to have done in vitro fertilization since now this will be a documented case now you can document this miracle and you can see that although the medical world said that this was impossible, but it was possible thanks to Naam The first time we saw him after we gave him the good news, I remember he said something like "You see, the practices really work" "The best part was when we went to my last ultrasound They did not know what to say, they went out and told us: "We do not know what happened, there is no problem, it just disappeared" We could not believe it! Yes, when Daria was born, Katia was recovering in her room in the hospital, they asked me to take the newborn to do a lot of tests that they had to do The first thing they had to do was an ultrasound of the whole body As you can see it is super healthy and loves to be jumping everywhere They did the first ultrasound of the whole body and when the doctors finished they just stared at me without saying anything, and I asked them: What did they see? Is the baby okay? They did not tell me anything, they went to call other doctors, they did another ultrasound and they did not tell me anything, they went to look for the Chief of Pediatrics

He was given another ultrasound, he was the third person to do it and suddenly he looked at me and said: "Well, I do not know what to say" ¨If you believe in miracles, this is a miracle, your daughter is perfectly healthy, all her organs are perfectly healthy, we do not have to do any other exam¨ You do not have to see us again, have a beautiful life with your family and your baby "The only thing I can tell you is if you believe in miracles, this is a miracle" We feel full of blessings and with deep gratitude We are the happiest Naam people! " "Naam will open your heart and give you the power to rewrite your destiny" -Dr Joseph Michael Levry And when the baby was already there, moving, and alive

since I suffered an abortion after the fertility treatments and before the meditations I could not stop laughing, I had never been so happy in my life, to have this being that is alive in me It was a great miracle, I will always remember that day The two happiest days of my life were that day and the day Peter was born transforming the impossible into possible Dr

Joseph Michael Levry is the founder of Naam Yoga, One of the fastest growing styles of Yoga in the world, has broken the world record for the second time of the largest yoga class, on November 25, 2012 with more than 15,000 people in Mexico City, Mexico Dr Joseph Michael Levry is a world-renowned spiritual leader, yogi, author, producer of sacred music and lecturer on topics such as self healing, practical spirituality and self-actualization To learn more about Dr Levry, his music and how to start your Naam meditation, we invite you to visit us at Rootlight

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