Moms Talk About Their Postpartum Depression

– Everyone I knew, I felt like had the most wonderful experience after they had their baby but I didn't know how to say I'm freaking out – Postpartum depression to me is the disconnect you have with your baby

– An overwhelming, uncontrollable sense of anxiety – One of many mental illnesses that can affect mothers – When I got pregnant, I was instantly in a bad mood In addition to that, I had fibroids, which are tumors that grow in your uterus and it was really scary – I knew I had postpartum depression the first time when I went to go and pump my breast milk at work and I just broke down crying

– I actually remember saying to my husband, "You know, people kept saying I'd be so emotional "and I feel fine," and the reality of the situation was that I was completely emotionally numb – Right after I had the baby, it was my husband's birthday so I baked him a cake and I invited people over And people were like, "What are you doing?" But I felt like it was my duty to celebrate his birthday, to try to nurse, and then come back and put on a happy face – I believed that every parent around me knew what they were doing and that I was this devastating failure – When my son was four months old, and I remember breast feeding him but he wouldn't stop crying and I got face to face with him and I screamed, "Stop crying

" That was probably the moment I realized I needed help – It's a really defeating feeling, knowing that this is something you have no control over – I thought after that moment, "I just need to hold my baby "I don't ever want this to happen again "and something has to change" – Being a stay at home mom was really isolating but I felt like I kind of came out of it when I started exercising and hanging out with other moms

– I started feeling better when I could wake up to my baby every morning and he just makes everything better and everything worthwhile – To all the mothers going through this, surround yourself with people who get it because you're not alone – I know there's so much pressure right now to be like a perfect mom You have to be honest, you have to let people in and let them know what you're going through – If you are out there and you are struggling, I want you to know that it is going to get better

– I'm a mother and I'm vulnerable but I am capable – And I am fighting every day – And I'm doing the best that I can – And struggling with postpartum depression didn't make me weak but becoming victorious over it, that's what made me strong – We have lost way too many moms so please stay with us

Find yourself a community and keep fighting ("There's Still Time")


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