MomsEveryday: Emily Beale, RN, Prenatal Yoga

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If you're pregnant, you may have heard of prenatal yoga and today's guest is gonna walk us through the benefits We have Emily Beale here with The Family Center at Capital Regional Medical Center and not only you are a nurse, you're actually a yoga instructor as well – That's correct, yes – I'm excited to learn about this So talk to us about the importance yoga classes during the whole childbirth process

– Okay, well yoga is beneficial for anybody, but especially in the pre and postnatal period because of it's benefits, and those are reducing anxiety, reducing stress, helping with breathing techniques, meditation preparing you for dealing with contractions, improving your sleep and also dramatically reducing the discomforts of late pregnancy – I mean, all of those things are huge Anybody who's been pregnant before knows that those are great benefits to have What kind of classes should you take? Say you've never taken yoga before, so you don't really know – If you've never taken a yoga class before, and your doctor has cleared you to take yoga, any class would be appropriate in the first trimester of pregnancy

Once you start to get a big belly, though, the prenatal yoga classes are gonna be your best bet Those instructors are trained on how to modify for your big belly and how to keep your baby safe during the yoga practice and also to help focus the practice on getting ready for labor – Okay, so important to even to talk to probably your nurse about when (mumbles) – Yes, that's correct You need clearance from your doctor

– And I like this too It's not just for prenatal It's for postpartum as well – Yes, all of those benefits carry into the postpartum period After the baby is born, some of the muscles that you've used for childbirth, like your pelvic floor muscles and your abdominal muscles, will need some repair and rebuilding and yoga is a great, gentle way to do that as long as your provider has cleared you

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