Moods Changes

There are a variety of reasons for your mood to become more fragile during pregnancy.  First, there are always the hormones.  They have a profound influence on your brain and can affect how you feel emotionally.  There is also the very real concern about having another mouth to feed and caring for a young child.  It’s obviously very joyful, but it can also be stressful.  The combination of hormones and real everyday worries can result in both depression and anxiety.  There are very good ways to treat this.  Your prenatal vitamins help stabilize moods, so does exercise.  Talking to friends and loved ones is key.   Counseling is very beneficial and effective. Prescription medications are rarely needed.  Getting outside during the day and letting the sun shine on your face can help with seasonal affective disorders and lift your spirits.  Support groups and exercise classes are also very helpful.


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Pregnancy Stages

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