My Baby Is Breech. Eek!

As I near the end of this pregnancy, (less than a month to go!) I can’t help but reminisce about Jack and Charlie’s deliveries. Their pregnancies and deliveries were extremely similar from start to finish. Both times I found out I was expecting at six weeks along; I was sick throughout the first 20 weeks and felt GREAT during the final months. Both times I was overdue, induced, and labored for less than half an hour (please don’t hate me.) Both babies weighed roughly eight pounds and had textbook, vaginal deliveries. Here’s where it gets even more similar: both Jack and Charlie were born at the EXACT same time, 2:05pm. Crazy, right?

Up until now this pregnancy hasn’t been much different, but at my last OB appointment my doctor told me the baby is BREECH. EEK. I still have five weeks until I’m due so I’m hoping the baby will flip on its own; however, I still made my doctor go over every possible outcome between now and my due date. We talked about natural ways to encourage fetal movement, (swimming, who knew?!) an External Cephalic Version (ECV), and the potential need for a C-section.

Swimming, I can handle – especially when it’s almost 90 degrees outside, but I’m terrified of an ECV or a C-section and for no reason other than I didn’t have either with my first two pregnancies. I understand both procedures are medically safe and necessary at times; nonetheless, it’s the fear of the unknown and “impending doom” that I can’t manage.

I’ve talked to friends, who have had ECV’s and C-sections, and every woman says the same thing, “it’s not what I had planned, but in the end, everything was fine and turned out great!” – all the while holding beautiful, healthy babies. Since all of my research and conversations with my doctor, family, and friends, I have a new mantra: “Just because this pregnancy and delivery has the potential to be different, it doesn’t mean everything won’t be fine and wonderful.”

Has anyone else ever have a delivery that didn’t go as planned? What was your experience?

PS: I had maternity pictures taken! I definitely regret not having pictures taken with Charlie. I was thinking though, since I wore a few different outfits this time, I could just tell her some of the pictures are from her pregnancy – she’ll never know!

[Feature Image Courtesy of Emily Brann]


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