My Prenatal Vitamin Makes Me Sick!

My prenatal vitamin makes me sick! Morning sickness is really common in the first trimester It is probably better to wait until you are not throwing up to take the prenatal vitamin

I get nausea but very little vomiting in the morning However, the prenatal vitamin makes me sick any time I take it Sometimes the supplement tastes so bad that someone who cannot stand the smell of meat cannot stand the taste of the pill Ask the doctor to recommend a good tasting prenatal vitamin, like those chocolate calcium chews and gummy vitamins Now you’re making me hungry

For a lot of women, the iron pills the doctor gives them for anemia makes them throw up For others, the outer layer of the prenatal vitamin tastes so bad that they cannot stand it I do not think I’m taking an iron pill You probably need to, especially if you won’t take an iron supplement and meat makes you ill So try beans, apricots and raisins to get the iron and take a daily vitamin instead plus leafy green vegetables

But I’m pregnant – doesn’t it have to be a prenatal vitamin? The biggest difference between prenatal vitamins and regular vitamins are the increased quantity – So take vitamins for two And it gets extra folate, extra iron and extra calcium Well, I’m certainly not going to get that from a broccoli and steak dinner, since I cannot stand either right now Yogurt with walnuts and folate enriched bread for breakfast is a good solution The main thing is getting enough folate to reduce the risk of neural tube defects

I’ve never heard of that Once they added folate to bread, like the extra iron they added to breads, the incidence of neural tube defects like spina bifida dropped by a quarter So getting enough vitamins early on actually makes a difference Or, rather, not getting enough increases the risk of problems My primary problem is throwing up the micronutrient source the doctor is recommending

So ask the doctor for a supplement that tastes better, like a gummy prenatal vitamin It costs a little more than the generic It is worth it if I do not throw it up Wait until later in the day to take it, and then take it with food that doesn’t irritate your stomach Or put it in your chocolate pudding made with milk or ice cream and pretend it is a dessert

That won’t make me sick, just make me exceed my weight gain recommendations


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