NACE Igenomix in non invaziv prenatal testidir

NACE is a non-invasive prenatal test with a simple blood test Safe for both mother and baby Down Syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome and defects in X and Y sex chromosomes, The NACE test is designed for every woman who wants to have peace of mind during her pregnancy

It is specifically indicated for women in the following cases: at the risk of a high chromosomal abnormality after the first trimester scans Those with a history of birth with previous abnormalities NACE with non-invasive prenatal test 10 you can relax from the week, enjoy this pregnancy in peace, From the first stages of pregnancy your baby is healthy and good lets you know NACE also allows you to learn whether your baby is female or male The NACE test is carried out from the beginning to the end of our laboratory in Spain

and the results are transmitted, for example, only 72 hours after collection How is it working? For more detailed information and to order the test, call +34 963 905 310 A blood sample will be taken IGENOMIX will take the patient's sample and send it to the laboratory for analysis You will receive the results within 3 business days Why choose NACE? For high detection rates of Edwards, Patau and Down syndrome

Our international customer service will guide you through every step of the process and have access to the patient helpline The NACE test has the highest detection rates in the market: we get results for 999% of the samples analyzed 96% of women who prefer NACE recommend testing It is currently a low-cost test for a greater number of expectant mothers to enjoy peace of mind and healthy pregnancy NACE is a non-invasive prenatal test of Igenomix


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