Nasal Congestion

Many women suffer from nasal congestion during pregnancy.  This is because your body is producing more blood and holding on to fluids in preparation for delivery.  During delivery you will lose a lot of fluid, including the baby that is 90% water, the amniotic fluid and the placenta.  Your body will want to balance this sudden loss of fluid by storing extra fluid.  This makes your tissue swell, including your nasal passageways, leading to snoring during sleep and occasional difficulty breathing through your nose.

To help reduce snoring, you can wear support hose during the day.  During the day, while you are up and around, extra fluid is stored in your legs.  Then it enters your blood stream at night when you lay flat.  It causes your nasal passageways to become congested and you may snore.

The support hose prevent the extra fluid from being retained in your legs.  Hence, there is less that enters your blood at night, consequently you are not as congested and snore less.  You can also wear nasal strips to prevent snoring and to help reduce nasal congestion at night while you sleep.  Under no circumstances should you take any over the counter medication to reduce nasal stuffiness.  Most of these medications will make your blood vessels tighten up.  That will reduce your nasal swelling, but it will also restrict the blood flowing to your baby, so avoid them.


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