Natural Vegan Pregnancy Q&A + Gender Reveal

Hello everybody! Here is the first video of the series Baby Magnifique, because, I'm pregnant! So we answer the questions about pregnancy and everything about being a parent And it turns out that I did my 2nd trimester ultrasound today, so I know the sex of the baby

so keep watching because I'll tell you if it's a girl or a boy at the end of this video! We asked our fans to send us their questions about pregnancy, and how I applied the 'Veggie Magnifique' lifestyle to that And today we will answer Tara's questions The first question is: Has your pregnancy been easy until then? In a word, yes

My pregnancy was easy I did not have a lot of nausea I was tired, and I'm still a little, but for the most part it was no problem And I think it's to do with my lifestyle, eating a healthy diet and plant I think it has a real effect on the body's ability to handle the ups and downs of all these new hormones The only concern I had was insomnia

I have never had this before, but suddenly I am more insomniac I rely on essential oils to help me with that There are many people who say that you should avoid essential oils during pregnancy, but I think it's something they say to save time, since there are just some oils that do not go for pregnancy, but for others it's just a matter of going a little sluggish I use lavender and chamomile to help me fall asleep I mix them with a little jojoba oil or avocado, and mass them on my chest and neck, to inhale that when I fall asleep, and I find it very calming

Also, I use Bach's remedies, and there is one for sleep, and it works pretty well for me Another thing that causes me a little trouble is the acid lifts, but instead of using Rennie or Gaviscon, I use baking soda, because it's the active ingredient in these remedies Of course, in these remedies there are also a lot of bad things, like sweeteners, and weird ingredients for texturing, so I try to avoid those, to rather go to the source, ie the active ingredient, baking soda I mix a ce

c baking soda in water, and I drink it when I have lifts It's disgusting – it's salty a bit like drinking sea water, but the effect is immediate, and for having tried Rennie the times I was without bicarbonate, I find my remedy more effective than these pharmacy drugs With my worries of sleep, I also had some moments where I felt overwhelmed, and also emotional It has not been like this all the time, but it's just something where I have to be sweet to myself if I have a bad day, and tell me that it's ok and that it's normal since there is all this novelty in my body, and I try not to force myself to act as if It's not always easy, though It's easy when one is pregnant to want to continue as before with the same speed, but you still have to get off, starting by saying 'no' politely to things, and it was difficult for me but I get more and more, because now I am physically unable to do all the things I did before! So, in a nutshell, was my pregnancy easy? I would say yes, and I would put that on the count of my healthy lifestyle, and my vegetable and balanced diet

Tara's second question is 'what food supplements do you take?' I am suspicious of the supplements 'special pregnant woman' all in one, because everyone is different, with different regimes So instead of taking folic acid, I rely on my diet to bring me all the folate that baby needs And it's the same thing, better, because it's the nutrient form of folic acid Since what I eat is really rich in folate – for example, bananas, oats, avocados, legumes, whole rice I tell myself that I do not need to take folic acid any more, and I prefer not anyway because we can not find anything that is not chemical Then, I take vitamin B12 every day, and that's something that everyone should do today, pregnant or not, and vegan or not We've already talked about this in another video, so I'll share the link below, but basically everybody's lacking B12 because of how we live today – it's not just the vegans who miss it So I will take B12, pregnant or not

Another thing is that I boosted my vitamin D3 intake and I found a special version of that, which is associated with K2 It's made by Sunday Natural, and I will share the link below It's designed specifically for pregnant women, with a powerful dosage of D3, because it takes more during pregnancy, especially for those who live in northern countries And the fact that it is associated with K2 improves absorption Another thing I take in prenatal vitamin is iodine

I'm taking Dr Group's at Global Healing Center It is nascent iodine, which is very well assimilated in the body There have been many studies that show the importance of iodine during pregnancy because it helps the development of the fetal brain Iodine is found in seaweed, and I eat a lot because I love it, but I boost with the iodine that I take more We will surely tell you to take iron being pregnant

I think we should not rely on the stamps to get our dose of iron, I think it's something you can easily find in the diet So I am careful to eat a lot of lentils and green vegetables, both very strong in iron Omega 3s are also very important for pregnant women – very important for everyone else I eat my omega 3 every day with ground flaxseed in my smoothie, and also with chia seeds made in chia pudding mode – I make it with almond milk and some acerola over it It's top good

Tara's number three question is: 'Have you changed your diet since becoming pregnant?' In a nutshell, my diet has not really changed That said, I think I'm more aware of the importance of eating a balanced diet, so I'm aware that since I do not take multivitamin with iron, I know that I have to find my iron in the food, so I am careful to eat lentils or other legumes every day, and greens too For the folate – I looked or do we find the folate in the diet, and the list was, basically, my diet so I did not feel the need to change anything over it I had crazy cravings for a lawyer, which can only be a good thing, so I probably eat more there than normal, but I tell myself, my body sends me signals to eat this incredibly healthy thing, so I'm going to eat it He does not tell me to eat ice cream and chocolate cake, so, why not One thing that has changed is that the processed products do not attract me at all I naturally avoid everything that is transformed with pregnancy, so I'm more focused on fresh fruits and vegetables, and seeds / legumes

I usually eat very simple bowls of seeds, with lots of vegetables, seaweed, sesame seeds (super for calcium), sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (super for zinc), and a little bit of oil from time to time, but mostly apple cider vinegar, because I am supplied in fat with the avocados I eat And I make sure that my seed base is made of a mixture of rice and legumes, to make a complete protein, because proteins are made of amino acid chains, the amino acids that are missing in rice, are found in legumes So it's a natural partnership, and that's what is happening in traditional cultures I did not have crazy cravings for strawberries in winter or for pickles, or ice cream, Apart for lawyers, and I will not call it a crazy desire, I'll call it life! Then I realize that you have to see the huge quantities of green tea that I drank before, because if you drink too much tea / coffee, the body assimilates iron less well in the diet So I try to avoid green tea when I can, and if I really want it I drink it very little infused, either by sending hot water into the leaves first, throwing that water, then putting water back in – and that's why I actually decaffeinate, or by putting very few leaves in my infuser

But I do not do this every day – it's pretty much every three days, so I think it's okay So that's all for my diet – it has not changed much, except that I am even more aware of what I eat So, it turns out that I did the 20-week ultrasound today, Well, in fact I'm at 23 weeks, so I'm a little off, but never mind! And in fact the baby is in top form and everything goes perfectly, so I'm delighted, and in fact the doctor said it's a competition baby! So I'm proud of it Many people were asking me if, like vegan, I was going change my diet now that I'm pregnant, and I do not see why I should start eating the calf heads or whatever to grow a baby I was fine until then what! So, I promised to tell you if I grow a little guy or a little girl, and trick It's a boy ! I am glad ! This is Victor – he's my little mascot It was Ann who introduced me today after hearing the good news

If you have more questions about pregnancy, being a parent, or something else in relation to this beautiful baby who arrives, then tag us with #babymagnifique Join us on the blog, veggiemagnifiquecom, if you want more videos like this, give us a thumbs up, and leave us a comment below, with your questions, or what you want to add to the conversation, and we'll see you again soon – hello! Oops – sorry Victor! Evil mom! It does not look very good


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