We’ve reached our boiling point. We all officially have cabin fever and “activities” are now “organizing.” IE, cleaning out the pantry, disinfecting the fridge, folding the linen closet, and sorting out the junk drawer (and by that I mean four junk drawers.) I never felt like I really “nested” when I was pregnant with Jack because I didn’t have a nest to nest in! We moved into our house 12 days before Jack was born. I spent my whole nesting phase literally looking for our nest. Now that we’ve lived here almost three years, I have a lot of nesting to do before this babe arrives and it’s hit me; the nesting phase has hit me big time…and I’m only 15 weeks! Most recently, I’ve been going crazy cleaning out old baby clothes. Anything stained or ruined, or that frankly I’m sick of looking at, has been tossed. Then there are the clothes that each kid wore maybe one time; the “nice clothes” that I was saving for “special occasions.” Yeah, like we had many of those. Ugh, the amount of money wasted on nice baby clothes makes me sick. I can’t even justify, “well at least two kids wore this outfit!” I would buy Jack clothes thinking, if baby number two is a ‘boy Charlie’ he will wear this again, and if she’s a ‘girl Charlie’ (Yes, baby number two was going to be ‘Charlie’ either way), she can DEFINITELY wear this, too! FALSE. As soon as I delivered, I texted my mom, “go buy pink now!” and Baby Girl Charlie never wore Jack’s clothes. I was so excited to have a baby girl – no way was I going to put her in Jack’s old, spit-up covered clothes. Anything worth saving has been saved and is now organized by size and gender. Once baby number three comes home from the hospital, the other gender’s bin will either be stored yet again or given away. Either way, I have enough clothes for both genders and I’ve learned my lesson about purchasing expensive baby clothes.

Meanwhile, as I was cleaning one morning, Charlie (who is permanently hungry) got into our snack cupboard and found some chips while I was in the other room FOR A SECOND. You would think I never fed her, but honestly, it’s all I do! She’s constantly hungry and if I go more than 20 minutes without feeding her, she takes matters into her own hands. As frustrating as it is seeing your one-year-old mess up a room you just cleaned, all you can do is laugh…and take a picture. Oh Charlie, I promise to show this picture at your wedding one day.


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