Newborn Vision – GIF Lets You See What Your Baby Sees

What Your Baby Sees

The average newborn baby can see objects around them about as well as you can see into the future, which is to say they really can’t see much. Unless you’re right up in their grill, your beautiful face is just a big old blur.

So what does a newborn see?

Check out this GIF, and let me know if it was as mind-blowing for you as it was for me.

Newborn vision is pretty limited.

In a healthy newborn eye, all the pieces and parts are there, but the connections haven’t yet been fully made. But worry not, my fuzzy faced friend, that all changes super fast over the course of a year as the brain develops.

Because I gave birth in the Stone Ages of 2013, understanding exactly what my kiddos were (or weren’t) seeing was kind of a guess. Of course, any of us can read the parameters behind newborn vision, but experiencing it is something totally different.

Well, fortunately for you modern day moms, someone has created a GIF that allows parents to experience what vision is like for a newborn through a 12 month-old baby.

It’s super cool, and explains why my kid always acted like she was being abducted by aliens until I shoved my face in her face, successfully convincing her of my earthly origins.

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