Our Baby Shower + 24 Week Prenatal Visit

Super excited because today we have our 2020 for a 24 week checkup for our little our little guy rub that better room I will admit that I'm nervous But like excited that you know I'm excited But I'm a little more he always gets nervous cuz he just wants to make sure everything is calling up I just want to know like I hate not knowing just tell me what's up? Right now and we had our Second chance to speak

Yeah, we had that couple weeks ago I was like a month ago If feels like it's been forever, and I just want to know what the results are so we're gonna find that out I'm I'm excited Thank you Let's go Let's go find out So we just got out and everything they Said the the second trimester screening everything came back normal

Everything's totally fine with any abnormalities There was no abnormalities, and so he's sounds and feels and looks completely healthy Man, I just I love hearing that and they gave me this special concoction my next appointment have to do the glucose test Thankfully they have the dye free version at least you guys know I like to eat healthier Yeah, but here's the ingredients so it's glucose its water dextrose glucose from corn Naturally natural flavors sodium benzoate why not just drink like a Vegetable juice or some of us you said he could do the orange juice But it's not as reliable because they don't know the amount of sugar and each orange juice And we got to hear his heartbeat again Love hearing his heartbeat every single time sounds good and said it sounded so good I thought it was yours at first well human and You guys he just said the name The only people that know the name are his dad and brother my parents and my brother because We don't want to tell anyone because we could totally change Oh, we're pretty set on the name, but you never know what he could come out of the womb and We're like this is his name, and it's completely different Yeah Super excited to be going back up to Northern, California For the weekend my mom sterling me a baby shower with Our family and family friends so that's gonna be really fun I can make this trip pretty good

It's about a seven-hour trip Yeah, what and he drives the like the whole time I remembered I mean I offer to but he just like no I'll Drive little things like stopping at chick-fil-a Guess what we got Mine's a gluten-free So we just made it mom made some delicious lasagna, and she made us gluten-free lasagna, ooh steamed carrots yummy Today's Friday, and we're all ready to go have some lunch Which is up here in Northern, California It's really good I mean we eat there in a long time Oh and look at this cool shelf My dad made for us this will be for the baby's room and We're also gonna use it as at the baby shower It's a rainy day This is one thing We miss living in Southern California

We sometimes get rain, but you guys get rain a lot more than we do Saku Gelinas Got a build-your-own salad right into these are the urban fries I got some garlic fries that are coming out when our food has been devoured We're at one of our favorite places Whole Foods the closest one to where we live is like over an hour away The only time we can get to one is when we drive seven hours away It's getting some snacks and some bratwurst chicken sausage And some what face Matt for tonight We're all gonna do it and we're gonna barbecue some hamburgers play a game eat something Oh, I'm so excited guys because we're gonna play Settlers No control time Settlers of Catan yeah, and I've always wanted to play a game super that So we were editing this vlog and we realized that we never closed out this video now I'm in my jammies and lisas like we gotta film anout through We've been having a lazy day lazy and closed but productive, yeah But I just wanted to say my baby shower was so much fun My mom did such an incredible job with the decor the food like the games Everything like we just felt so blessed and everybody that came and liked the gifts They got like I was overwhelmed by how much stuff Everybody got it

It was crazy I mean I knew people were gonna get stuff, but it was it was overwhelming Yeah, it was Thank you to my mom She did such an awesome job We felt so blessed and thank you to all our family and family friends that came out to celebrate With baby shower one of two is down We got another one coming in June with all our church family We're gonna go ahead and close out this video, but we wanted to remind you guys we're doing an Instagram giveaway So go follow me on Instagram follow Lisa on Instagram We're giving away a To go check out our posts on both of our instagrams for that and how to enter But we love you guys and we'll see you in our next vlog Hashtag


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