Our Down Syndrome Diagnosis Stories

The amniocentesis came back 100% chance that your son has Down syndrome The doctor, when he delivered the news it wasn't a good delivery to say the least She called me up and said "We got your results "the baby does have Down syndrome "I'm really so sorry

" She just kept saying, "I'm so sorry" And the funny thing about "I'm so sorry" is that it puts me in a position to be comforting her It was uncomfortable to them like they didn't really know how to tell me They went through a laundry list of things that could possibly happen, and they said, "Here are all the things that your child will never do" "These are the medical issues a child with Down syndrome can have, "these are the developmental issues a child with Down syndrome can have" "He probably wouldn't be accepted "and people wouldn't find him important, "or worthy, or included" They said it was best to terminate the pregnancy, and they didn't say it once but several times I literally signed five waviers that I wouldn't abort my child

Every time I went in we had to sign a new waiver "We need to tell you that you need to make the decision now "because you're 19 1/2 weeks pregnant — "to abort this baby, it has to be done in the next two days" The words from his mouth were, "So you're going to keep this baby?" I said, "Yes" He was like, "Ok, cool "If all else fails, he'll just end up being that cute retarded kid" That's what he said to me It was a hard moment Nicholas played soccer, basketball, swimming, golf, bowling

He does amazing at school Jack is social, sometimes in your face, and lights up the roomflag football, he participated in choir, he rode a bike She's so happy, she's so outgoing, she's incredibly strong, almost never cries She wore oxygen on her face for nine months and never complained and thought that the oxygen tube was the best toy in the world

he rode a skateboard, he learned to surf behind our boat, he rode an intertube All those things they said he wouldn't do

he did He was part of a family He was far more than just normal, he was extraordinary

For awhile I thought, "How can I change him to fit in with society?" But now it's more, "How do I change society to accept him?" A major change needs to be the way doctors deliver the news I wasn't educated, and I wasn't given any information by the doctor Nobody ever gave me any resources to help me get prepared, They kind of just left me If the doctors would set something up like, "We have a family that has volunteered to talk to you" That's what I needed

I needed to see someone's life, I needed to see a kid in someone's house— Like, this is going to be okay, you're going to be okay Parenting a child with Down syndrome is a gift It's not a burden It's often thought as, "Oh my gosh, that poor family" And really, We're the lucky ones

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