Parenting Plans for Divorcing Couples in Washington

A parenting plan in Washington must follow the statutory form so you can go online and look at what the different categories are that must be addressed The broad-brush categories are what happens to children, if there are children under school-age thats one category, then when the children reach school age what is gonna be the school schedule

Then there's going to be a category for what happens for winter vacation, what happens for spring break in mid winter vacation, what happens during the summer, is it going to be different than the school schedule If you have a very young children you may build in step increases for residential time with the other parent for example a one year old is generally not gonna do a 50-50 schedule but perhaps by the time that child is 10 they could spend half the time with the mother and half her time with her father


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Parenting Styles


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Parenting Plan

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