Partnering to Improve Prenatal Care

[ Music ] >> When a woman is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, not only does it affect her, but also that baby then becomes at risk for developing diabetes later on down the road In the past decade, the amount of medications to treat diabetes has nearly tripled

But we haven't noticed that we're actually making a difference in the numbers And we're watching them increase not only in our community clinic, but in our country >> It's a devastating epidemic In our intervention, we're really looking at is can we decrease prenatal weight gain Can we improve mental health outcomes? Will this improve birth outcomes

And it does seem to >> Dr D'Anna-Hernandez partnered with the Vista Community Clinic to co-design and implement a research project that looked at a real social issue The division in community engagements supports this type of work through our incentive grant program >> Women will really be together in providing support to one another, while still seeing the doctor and being empowered and be given information in a group setting which they can share with each other

>> Kimberly's team has helped us start to see is that, if the learning style isn't working then we need to change it >> We ask them what are improvements that you'd like to see And overwhelmingly prenatal group intervention was what came out of that And everybody seemed really excited out and that it would increase the communication between the clinic staff and the patients and empower them And I think that was the sort of most interesting thing that came out of it

>> The goal would be to evaluate the way that we deliver care and shift our culture here within the clinic to improve our outcomes >> Without this funding, this kind of work would not be possible >> We're showing that through teamwork it can be done and I think that that's kind of the pearl right there That you know, this is possible We might have to do things differently, but we can do it and if we work together we're going to see better outcomes

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postnatal care


prenatal care

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