Passing the right bacteria on to your child can help prevent childhood obesity and diabetes.

Recent medical studies once again confirm that the type of bacteria we have in our stomach and intestine can have a large influence on our tendency to gain or lose weight. There are multiple ways bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract can influence our weight. First the wrong bacteria can cause flu like responses leading to increased total body inflammation. When our body is inflamed it becomes more resistant to insulin. This leads to higher blood sugars, prediabetes, and weight gain. Secondly, some bacteria can help predigest our food more efficiently allowing for greater absorption of calories. In reality when you eat a 600 calorie meal you may be only able to digest 400 calories, but with the wrong bacteria it may become 500. This adds up with each meal to a sizable weight gain.

One common type of beneficial bacteria is the Bifidobacterium. They are frequently found in Greek yogurt, kefir a liquid yogurt, and certain brands of yogurt. Be sure to read labels. If your diet includes this type of bacteria and you eat lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, your intestine will grow and contain more Bifidobacterium. At birth when your baby passes through the birth canal, bacteria from your body are passed to the baby and begin growing in your newborn’s intestine. You then pass the right bacteria on to your child. This can help prevent childhood obesity and diabetes later in life. That is why during pregnancy we want you to eat more fruits and vegetables and also eat a high quality yogurt with Bifidobacterium noted on the label. Wouldn’t it be nice if your child could be one of those people who could eat whatever they want and never worry about a weight problem? It may all come down to eating right during pregnancy. Use babyQ as your guide and we wish you a healthy pregnancy.


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