Pelvic Discomfort

There are many sources of pelvic discomfort during pregnancy.  Your pelvis is expanding in preparation for delivery.  Your hormones make your ligaments more elastic, bones in the pelvis will separate more easily allowing the passage of the baby’s head and body.  However, this means you may experience sacroiliac joint dysfunction more readily and that can be a source of pelvic pain.  Also, pregnancy is frequently troubled by constipation.  The bloating can make you feel uncomfortable.  The baby’s head pressing on your bladder can also make you feel a sense of unease.

You can help relieve constipation by drinking more fluids and eating a higher fiber diet.  If the bladder is the source of pain, make sure you urinate frequently, on schedule, perhaps every two hours, to keep your bladder relatively empty.   Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about the separation of pelvic bones during pregnancy until after delivery.  Walking regularly will help some, and after delivery over 95% of all pelvic pain disappears as your bones go back to normal.


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