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Hi my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga, here to talk to you about Postnatal Pilates How do you do it? So essentially, with post, any type of postnatal exercise, you want to make sure that you have prior approval through your physician, especially if you had any type of complications during your childbirth, specifically, C-section or a tear in the linea alba or any type of episiotomy

You want to definitely make sure that you get the doctor's approval before that So, Postnatal Pilates is great because it just helps you to, to draw back into your center, to create that support from your core These are a couple of types of additional equipment or exercise band or the circle and the Pilate ball But I'm going to demonstrate first the, what's called a Sew So this helps to target the abdominal muscles especially the twisting obliques which helps to get your waistline back after pregnancy

So you'll start with sitting tall through the spine, then with your exhale you'll twist to one side, as if you're sewing off your little pinkie toe with your small finger, reaching across And the reach doesn't have to be for flexibility but you want to reach from that center of your strength Stretching back with your back shoulder, reaching long through both sides, inhale and come back to center Then exhale, twisting from your obliques again and then go to the other side So as much as you're twisting around, you're also rooting through your pelvis and stretching through the arms

And you'll do that about five to ten times and you'll probably notice an increase awareness of your oblique muscles, increase awareness of the core, increase breath capacity, and all that will help you when you are engage in a Postnatal Pilates workout Thanks for joining me


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