Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey #2 | Postpartum Workout Routine

hey yeah I come on video with you you gotta get on the video hi everyone welcome back to real foodie fitch my name is sarah and first thing i want to do is thank everyone who watched our first video and liked it and then also those who subscribed so welcome to the real foodie fit family we're really happy to have you and take you along on this journey here's the foodie fit recap of the week that's how we doing a happy day for coming off the Labor Day weekend feeling really strong and it's a easy way to cheat on those types of weekends and so I felt really good that I was able to keep myself on track but still enjoy myself at the same time so I'm really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow I'm also really looking forward to taking my measurements today and kind of see how far I've gotten just in one week it's officially seven days since I began and I guess we're just gonna have to see what this weekend's video brings make sure you stay tuned to the end of this episode so you can see my measurement recap for the end of week one first though I wanted to touch on the fitness aspect of my journey yes this is something that I'm going through and you all are kind of watching voyeuristically at my progress but I'm hoping that my progress will help you decide on how you want to approach health and fitness you know if you want to be more strict or if you'd like to take a more relaxed style kind of like I'm doing however the fitness aspect is the part that a lot of people are like what do I do how do I start what kind of fitness should I do and that's really going to be tailored to each person individually a couple things that are really good to ask yourself first before you decide on how you want to structure or whatever workout routine that you want to do first thing would be what do I do now for physical activity what right now in my daily routine do I do on a daily basis that helps me be physically fit for some of you might be nothing for some of you might be will I walk two miles every day so that you're always gonna have to judge that first and have that be a base and then you can build it from there the next question is what do I enjoy doing that's a pretty easy one decide what you think would be fun because Fitness is not gonna be enjoyable for you if you don't think it's fun and lastly how much am I able to give to my workout how much time so how much can you commit each week to allotting a time for yourself to take care of your own physical health once you know the answer to these questions you should be able to start to see kind of a picture of what you're able to give and what you're willing to do and also most importantly what you think is fun and then from there there are lots of options on ways that you can become physically fit now it's time to really understand how you can apply it to your life so there's always the option for going to a gym and getting like a personal trainer right but most people might feel that that's actually a little too well too expensive first of all and second of all sometimes it's a little too much pressure to just be standing there one-on-one with somebody if that's what you can afford and that's what you can do that is actually my first recommendation get with somebody who can guide you show you how to do things correctly and then you can have a fighting chance to do it on your own so here's a couple other options that maybe you haven't thought of first one group fitness classes that's what I love that's where I started I started losing weight in your fitness classes and obviously I loved it so much that I got into the industry and started teaching and training and so that really is what inspired me to get fit and to continue on but that's what I love I love being in a group setting with a bunch of people who are how you know fighting for the same goals or maybe different goals but fighting at the same time all together I love that here are some more great ideas for ways to workout of course there's the local gym and you can go in and do it yourself that's always a great option we talked about hiring a personal trainer one of my favs group fitness classes again one of my favorite things as well so those are two great options something you may not have thought of buying a home workout video and doing it in the comfort of your home it's a great option especially if you either can't leave if you're like me and you have a new baby or or are there any other options to keep you at home also online workout videos there's a lot of great resources even just here on YouTube including upcoming projects on real food events also if you look on your phone we have these phone apps Fitness phone apps are great as well and then there's just good old-fashioned walking whatever you do just move a great example is the difference between crystal and I crystal is the co-founder of real food e-fit you'll see a lot of videos from her coming up I love working out working outs like my jam that's like I love being in the workout room so for me that part is very simple and I like it in all different forms however crystal is not a big fan of working out she'll do it she knows she should and so she does it but she really found her niche in rock climbing take a look at her go honestly crystal inspires me every day super rockstar pun totally intended once you find that fun thing you love to do it's not gonna feel like a workout it's gonna feel like fun physical activity for your body most of all get up and move just move right doing more than what you're doing now is physical fitness and then you build from there just don't overshoot it and then quit if you have to take small steps a little bit at a time and if that first step is just getting up and walking around your house four or five times a day that is a workout releases endorphins it creates more happiness in your life it also creates a feeling of accomplishment and then on top of that it burns calories and you become a fat-burning machine no big deal and now for this week's stats check it out alright that's it for this week's episode big recap for this week make sure you get up in the booth that's the most important thing you can do just move in some direction also if you guys want to see my daily updates the food I'm eating the workouts are doing the motivation that's keeping me going check us out at on our Instagram act real foodie fit or our Facebook page called real foodie fits and you can see my daily Diaries as I go through this journey come join us thank you for being a part of it make sure you like this video make sure that you subscribe to our channels and let's take this journey together subscribe


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