You are a young mother and you have already heard about the diastasis of the great right and well stay with me because I'm going to teach you how to measure it with you even before I start I invite you if it's not already done to subscribe to my string by clicking the little red button and also clicking on the bell to not miss any of my video so what is the diastasis of cold weather? It's the separation of the abdominal muscles that we call the upright, vertical superficial muscles of the abdominal strap which go down the chest and come to the level of the pubic bone and in fact the diastasis it is the separation of its two muscles when you're pregnant you have the baby gets bigger and so to make room for babies there are muscles Naturally who come away to make room for the baby is something that is quite normal most women have a diastasi during their pregnancy this is something normal so do not do not worry you give birth

super congratulations your muscles normally with the time of a few weeks need to get back in place however in some women it does not put back in place and it is at a lot of women actually are full of factors that make it not recover place so it's important to know if you have one to be able to take after corrective measures to be able to deliver t & t abdominals you're great right together so we'll see in this video how to do it so to start you're going to come sit down especially floor mats you're going to put yourself in mermaid position like these and you'll come lie down on your side and then come back to turn put everything on your back so you're going to bend your legs just about touching the end of your fingers like this, your knees must be aligned with your hips your neck and well the shots and you went to the schools that are well clear of ears you are here in neutral position so they need to have a slight dip under your back before starting to look if we have an eye at this point I would like you to know already that he there are three things that must be calculated must first be calculated at width of his diastode so the width is actually how many fingers and all your cards and equal rights so it would be annoying your fingers as this is so after you push your fingers and more there are two fingers rather india stage is important then there is the length to calculate the length you need to put your fingers like these in length on your belly to see if we how much on how far is it so long as his tone dia stathis and the second the second point is the depth so you will come to France and we must and then you see a little bit how and the connective tissue in the middle which is called the white line and find out if here it is this connective tissue is very soft too here again quite loudly So that's the 3 and 3 things we're going to calculate so now we can start to check so we will inspire the mount gond fle the ribcage one expires pledges the perineal 11 deep and on the expiration well mount his shoulders and his cost to try to make a kind from little crunch tale to the abdominal strap that is well engaged and there we go come and take two fingers and we will come to have inserted these two fingers there just below the rib cage we will come next checked over the navel and then below the number and so I rest to explain to you if you can push more than two fingers is that you have a dia stathis if you have less than two fingers or less is that it's a separation that is normal and that is not considered the stasi so to take my example you have expired I contract the perineum here I have a finger that makes it so it goes above the navel or cons I feel a little peck I can put a finger to the indo friends we'll say and below the navel have all the navel we'll say it's a right so we can consider that I do not have dialysis to what we're going calculate the length so we will come to do exactly the same thing except that this time so if you saw that you have a width that is more than two fingers it will have to see on how much on how much of centimeters does this separation is done so you see you try to feel a little bit or this separation starts so I see that it starts a little more here or it extends to the navel and that really stops there just that just down the navel so let's say that I it makes a roof a finger and knowing only for the majority of women the dia stasis are mainly at the number level and then we go calculate the depth so for the depth you also go take a finger or two fingers and you're just going to come down your finger and then did you get a little bit and see what you feel is that does not care about it and it's really very very soft or is that a little bit of resistance still or not? its sensations as if a little you rely on you gave it that makes you resistant 10 and that's okay is that your tissue at the muscular line white is still pretty toned enough and your stadium dia is not too much too important and you will have a lot easier to put it back to put your abs up in good tournament place if against you feel that it's really where everyone is a little bit like if you press you have on your cheek there it's a little more critical and goes you have to really work a little bit more intensively to be able to put things back in place so that's how measures are analysts if you have one it does not matter I advise to see or physio who will check all thalys and who will offer you exercises for put them back up I'm here too to help you I will come back with videos show you examples of exercises that you can do it easily at home in any case do not worry it is normal and with time and with the practice of adapted exercises you will be able to find a tonic belly a flatter belly and here they are feel better after after giving birth if you liked the video do not hesitate to put a little thumb up but your questions in the comments do not hesitate to share with your girlfriends mom if they also need to check their ssd great right I'll wish a lot of courage a lot of patience to get back to your body pre-pregnancy do not forget that it's really a process that one must be patient with oneself and that here and main thing is that you are in good health and that your child is in good health and your body will see her come back little by little in place with beautiful exercises and good nutrition I'll see you soon in a future hi video


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