Postnatal depression: when it’s hard to love your baby –

Motherhood didn't come easy to me It was a very difficult period until George was roughly a year old

I had this kind of rosy vision of motherhood, you know, me going out in the pram with the very well behaved baby who never cry, who smile to everybody, and I would be just happy and go out for coffees, but then I crashed with reality Do not worry if you're not bonding with your baby straightaway It's a process that might take some time Obviously because of the change in lifestyle, you need some time to adjust as well I can honestly say that I wasn't that ready for motherhood, and it didn't help that I suffered from severe post-natal depression

So I was in quite a state It was probably around nine months I guess that we started to connect, the two of us, and I started to realise oh my god, I've got a beautiful baby So it's something that probably I knew I had, but because of all the problems, I was finding it very difficult probably to accept Don't be afraid to ask for help in the early weeks after bringing baby home Having people around can help ease the stresses you may have

Do stay in touch with your health visitor and your GP You will not be judged, and the earlier you can get help the better for you and your baby Going to see a GP and psychologist, it helped, and I found having post-natal depressing and feeling so stressed and down is actually pretty common and there are lots of women who suffer from it, so I think the main thing is admit to yourself first of all that you're having problems, and once you've done that, everything will come easily and you will be able to deal with things Although I had problems bonding with George for the first year, we now have a fantastic relationship He's a lovely boy and I love him dearly


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