Hello, I'm Vicky Warr, post natal fitness specialist Thanks for joining me

I'm going to show you a couple of my best exercises to help flatten your tummy and strengthen your core after pregnancy Are you ready? Let's get started Lie on your back, arms by your sides, lift your right foot off the floor and draw your belly button towards your spine Lift your left foot off the floor and your shins want to be parallel to the ceiling Relax your shoulders and exhale

Tighten your lower tummy muscles exhale, lower your heel to the floor and bring the heel back up Exhale, lower the left heel and then bring it back up Make sure the movement comes from the hip You exhale and draw your belly button right down as you take your heel to the floor

The correct breathing is important and make sure that lower back stays flat, you don't want any arch in your lower back You're really targeting the deep stomach muscles here Relax and place your feet onto the floor and then you want to lift your right foot off the floor You're going to exhale Extend your right leg, extend your left arm overhead

Inhale, bring it back Exhale, inhale Exhale, inhale So, this exercise really helps target the muscles from the inside out They're the muscles we want to target after pregnancy and really help flatten those stomach muscles again, and bring all of the muscle memory back to you, especially if you had a C-section

Relax and then exhale, we'll switch over Extend your left leg away, you're drawing your belly button down towards your spine Take your right arm over your head Exhale, inhale, two more One more

And relax And then roll over, come up to a seated position, with your feet flat to the floor Inhale, sit right up tall on your sitz bones, exhale, turn to the side, taking the elbow down towards the floor Turning to each side and you exhale, turning your waist Keep the knees together, the legs together

And if you have any abdominal separation, just make the movement smaller So you'll take your hands onto your waist here, and you're not rotating quite so far around That won't stretch those abdominal muscles too much Otherwise, you can turn further, make sure you exhale, draw your belly button right in towards your spine, turning at the side of the waist Two more, one more, and release

There are plenty more exercises that I could show you, so you can join my 5 Day Mummy Tummy Kick Start, which is completely free It's starting very soon and all you need to do to join is to click the link below and you'll be on your way to helping flatten your tummy muscles, and strengthen your core, and getting the momentum just to get started So I'll see you on the Kick Start


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