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Hello, I'm Vicky Warr, pregnancy and postnatal fitness specialist Hi, I'm Kate and I'm a midwife working with Tommy's the charity

So what exercises would you recommend for women to get back into shape? First and foremost it's really important to do proper core exercises, and pelvic floor exercises, as well The pelvic floor exercises can be done really, as soon as you come out of the hospital and it's important to start doing those Usually, if you're entering a formal exercise program Then it's six to eight weeks after you have had your baby It's usually eight weeks if you have had a C-section delivery

So, it's very important not to rush straight into exercise in terms of running straight away Anything high impact, or any kind of boot camp activities that may cause additional harm or additional weakening at those core muscles and those abdominal muscles Do you have any tips on finding time to exercise as a busy mum? It is challenging to find time to fit in fitness when you've got a new baby And also, if you have other children as well that are at home with you So, it's short bursts of the right kind of exercises

So, again, exercises that are going to help heal the tummy muscles and help strengthen the pelvic floor And, you can just do these in say, ten minutes, a day At home, or maybe get a couple of friends over to help look after the baby and you can kind of, exercise together You know, at home Or, you can again, look at perhaps a group fitness class that is specifically targeted for post natal and you have the social interaction there and you get to meet other people as well

And if you have moved to a new area that's a great idea It can really help with both your mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing too If finances are limited, then again, I recommend trying to find a really good quality postnatal DVD or an online video But again, making sure that it is perhaps one that has been recommended Check out the reviews and follow the postnatal exercises there

Is there anything else that you feel that's really important that women need to know about exercising after having a baby? Or just, 'take it easy, take your baby with you and enjoy' And again, exercise should be fun Focus on recovering, healing, looking after yourself and obviously looking after your baby as well Sounds great!


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